Maldives day 2

Today we were celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary. I doubt we could ever top this celebration as we celebrated the whole day.

After breakfast we took a walk around the island.

On the way I found the same type of tree I saw in Hawaii

Later we stopped by the drivibg range to hit some golf balls. Jose Orlando turn out to be very good!

Then we went to the beach and spent a few hours swimming and just laying around in the sun. The sun in Maldives is not as harsh as it is back home or any other resort we’ve been to, which makes it easy to loose track if time. The water was amazing! One thing to watch out for is string currents.

After the beach we had lunch, took a short nap, had some coffee at the local tea house and headed for the sunset cruise and dolphin watching.

Normally there are not too many people around, especially in our part of the island. You can go for hours without seeing as many as 3-4 people. On the pictures the island appears uninhabited. Someone even asked me after seeing the pictures on the instagram “Are you guys alone there?”

But for the sunset cruise there were at least 50 people gathered at the pier, if not more.

Three boat came to get us and we ended up on a small one with about 12 other people. They say if you are lucky, you might even see a dolphin or two. I guess we were super lucky as we saw at least 15. It was a wonderful cruise overall, although few times the boat was shaken so badly, I was afraid to fall overboard.

At night we headed for the Hot Rock restaurant a la carte restaurant, for our annversary dinner. We selected some delicious beef sirloin, kanguroo and ostrich meat. The meat was served raw, on a hot metal plate and we were free to let it cook as long as we want. We chose rare – only one minute.

The sirloin was very good and we both loved kanguroo meat – our firsttime trying it. The ostrich was not as good but still, not too bad.

Then desert at a different restaurant and we headed back to the room where we found fresh fruit and champagne left for us by the hotel. “Happy wedding anniversary” was spelled out on our bed in palm tree leaves.