Striped dress three ways

Striped dress three ways

J Crew sexy white dress
$130 –

Adidas Originals leather shoes
$110 –

Leather shoes

Borsalino straw hat
$210 –

Chan Luu scarve
$190 –

Beret hat


Burgundy and stripes

Burgundy and stripes

Friday Shop

Today my purchases from J Crew arrived.

Diamond jacquard piqué dress. Very classic, perfect for work. Size 4 fit me perfectly without being too tight

After reading the reviews I have decided on ordering tall – this way it would hit right mid-knee – my preferred length.

Basketweave shorts in navy

I wanted those in size 4 or even 2 but the only one left was 6.

And the striped knit top in aqua

The Rayner chino shorts I decided against because I did not like the snug fit. They looked great online but in reality the leg is a bit too tight for my taste.

Friday shop

Getting ready for the beach I found a gingham boy shirt from J. Crew and a drop waist beach dress

The shirt is offered in two colors, blue and burnt orange and I got both. I loved the boyish look, beautiful colors, and light, perfect for the hot weather, material. Because the material was do light, I was worried it might be too see through, so I did a “black bra test” and blue shirt passed with flying colors, but the burnet orange clearly shown the black bra under it. So I ended up returning it, while the blue should be getting a lot of wear this season.

At first I felt the dress did not cover up enough, even though the material was solid and color – beautiful, I wanted to return it, but then I thought it would be perfect for the beach. If I really think about it, I do not have any dress that is specifically for the beach trips. Can’t wait to wear it soon!

Unfortunatelly this lovely skirt has to go back:

I loved everything about the skirt: the color, the print, the style, the pockets, the perfect length, the fact that, unlike many skirts of this style, it did not make my bottom appear flat. It was perfect until I attempted to walk in it – it was folding in a very unflattering manner:

Sadly I had to return it.