Favorite store – Agnès B.

I am totally obsessed with Agnès B., most comfortable, stylish and well-made clothes on the market right now. These pants are my absolute favorite

Green Ketty pants

wish they came in more colors. I’d love these in black or charcoal grey.

Right now I am on a lookout for a pair of black jeans and I think I found just a pair – straight leg (so hard to find!), just the right amount of stretch, impecable stitching, very flattering

The big issue here is sizing. Normally I wear 36 but Agnès runs low, so I usually get 38. Well, originally I purchased these jeans in 38 and they were way too small, I was unable to even zip them up and the leg was so tight I was not able pull them all the way up. So I figured I might need to go as far as 2 sizes up, as I did not want them to be tight. To be on the safe side I ordered them in 40 and 42. 42 was baggy, 40 is a better fot although still a bit loose in the waist. I really do not know whether to keep them and wear with a belt or return altogether. I really want to keep them though…

Another great find is this beret:

And a high neck Loulou Picasso graphic t-shirt

I normally prefer lower neckline but I really loved this tee. It would look great with black jeans and merlot-colored purse.


Back to the 50s

Today I wore my new gingham pants from Loft. This season loft is overflowing with my favorite gingham and I got the pants and the gamine gingham dress – here

I picked Julie fit over Marissa fit since it looked more flattering on me. Marissa fits more straight through the hips and is less comfortable.
I tried on size 2 and it was slightly loose so I went with 0 even though usually I buy size 2 bottoms from the loft and size 0 in dresses.

The quality of the pants is very goid, they are light and not see through. perfect for the hot summer day and versatile enough to wear to work as well as to the beach. I was so pleased with the pants and dress that I also got gingham shorts but those are goung back since they are not doing much for me – the length is unflattering plus the style looks sort of naval which doesn’t work with gingham print, in my opinion.