New idea: bright lace

Little while ago, while making one of my regular prenatal visits with my doctor, I was flipping through the pages of one of the magazines and saw the picture above.

It seemed like a fun idea to try, especially because all lace items I own are in either black, white, or ivory, so a bright lacey item could be a very fun, welcome addition to my wardrobe.

I went to the puperlime site and saw that they did have that top in black, ivory, lavender and green. All except lavender went on sale from $80 to $44. I was most interested in green but lavender would be my second choice since it us one of my favorite colors.

Black and ivory were offered in all sizes but the green – only in XS and L. I normally wear XS or S but after reading the reviews I knew that top ran small so I needed S or M if I wanted the right fit. I was tempted to order green top in L but was afraid it will be too loose. Oh, how I wish I had gotten it back then!

I finally gotten a lavander top in small. The color was amazing!

But when the top arrived I realized I made a mistake – should have gotten medium instead – I could barely pull the small over my shoulders and the sleeves nearly cut blood circulation in my arms! The revievers were not exaggerating. Although the quality was better than I expected and material was very soft. On the other hand I am not sure how durable it is – the sleeves are not lined and look quite fragile. Might not be able to handle excessive wear but wiuld look great worn casually with boyfriend jeans, or worn with a skirt and pair of heels for dressier days.

I had to send it back but by then all green tops have sold out except for XS, and all lavender as well, leaving lnly XS and S.

Later I was lucky enough to snatch one in blue in size medium – someone must have returned it.

Medium was not a perfect fit either – still too tight around the arms, and not at all better in yhe chest area. Once again I regretted not getting green lne is size large.

So I am keeping the blue in medium since it should fit much better ince I will shed all my “baby” weight in a few weeks. I am still on the look out for the green top in size large, hopefully someone will return it.

I have decided against getting one in blush, black or ivory since it looks too boring and conservative. I guess that’s why they still have those three in most sizes.

Rhinestone-clasp cardigan by Betsey Bowley

Today, as I was re-watching Desperate Housewives (I am on season 4, I believe), I have spotted a very unique rhinestone-clasp cardigan on Bree Van de Kamp. She is by all means my favorite (we are both members of the NRA!:)) and I do love the fact that any of her plain and very conservative outfit always has a little something that makes it stand out. Below is the Betsey Bowley cardigan she was wearing but in red instead of yellow:

As I did some research I found another accessory similar to that one – sweater clasp. Here are some photos:

Found a great post on the topic here

It is quite charming and I definitely want to buy a few to wear with my cardigans.