It is amazing how everything in this world is interconnected and how most of the time we are completely clueless about those connections. Sometimes one can figure out why one or the other even took place when it did, but sometimes it takes a while.

So 4 years ago, when I was about to head to the hospital to give birth to my son, I had a DVD I was about to watch so I just threw it into the hospital bag to watch it when I get there. The movie was “Coco before Chanel” with Audrey Taotou. It was the first movie my son watched after he was born. I liked the movie so much, I was eager to watch another movie with Audrey Taotou and so I purchased “Priceless” as soon as I returned home. Priceless became one of my favorite movies and even my husband, who is not a fan of foreign film, watched it with me.

The DVD had some previews and one particular caught my eye – Transsiberian. I ordered it online intending to watch it as soon as I get it but got sidetracked and movie got lost somewhere upstairs, possibly in the storage room. And I have forgotten all about it.

About a year later my father-in-law mentioned something about Transsiberian, the railroad, not the movie, of course, while visiting us one evening. After that I got excited to finally watch the movie and started looking for it. Unfortunately without any luck. I found all the other movies but that particular one disappeared into the thin air.

So now, four years and one more son later, again, during the visit from the in-laws, I remembered about the movie and felt bad I never got to see it. I even thought of ordering it again. I was curious as to why I wanted to see the movie on the first place but could not remember where have I seen the preview. Later that day I was getting some toys for my newborn out of the storage room and saw a DVD stuck between the wall and one of the shelves. Surprisingly it was the Transsiberian! I put it aside, hoping to watch it with my husband later.

The next day I felt like watching Priceless again and in the previews I saw Transsiberian. I know it sounds silly, but I do believe there is a reason why it took me 4 years to get to watch the movie, I just can’t see it yet.

Law of Attraction

We all want things in life, but only some of us get them while others can only dream. At least that’s the impression most people get. “God loves you” people have told me “you wanted to get pregnant after your your trip to France and that’s exactly what happened. You always get what you want”. And it is true, I am a very lucky person, I always get what I want and what I need and at the right time. Things come to me. I wanted a different job within the same company and immediately after one person left for greener pastures and I was offered his position, I wanted to have a baby after my son turns 4, and here I am, expecting a little one right after my firstborn turns 4 next month. I wanted my husband to change career and to love what he does, and here he is – enjoying doing what he loves. These are just to name a few. Do I get those things because I deserve them? Possibly. But mostly because I always ASK. “Ask and you shall receive.” Sounds familiar? This statement is very true!

Before I ever watch a movie “The Secret” or read the book “The Law of Attraction”, myself, my husband (then boyfriend), and a couple of our friends made a list of all the things we wanted to get within the next year. We used plain old card boards to write them down. Then we all kept them in a visible place and looked at them every chance we got, when waking up and before going to bed. I got at least half of my wishes, my husband got almost al of his. Later we were introduced to movie “The Secret” and started advancing out list with pictures and images and calling them “inspirational boards”. It is also a good practice to write on the top of such board “From the infinite source, with harm to no one”, in order to ensure that by getting something you will not loose something else and that no one gets harmed in the process of you receiving what you want.

Basically, inspirational board is a list of things you desire illustrated with images to make your desires more vivid. You have to be very specific about what you want but without worrying or specifying HOW you want to get it. By writing out how-tos you only limit your possibilities. If you specify a source, then you are closing off all other sources and it might delay your wish coming true. For instance let’s say you want a new job. Then you must write out what exactly you want in a job – abundance of money, good health benefits, personal satisfaction, good work-life balance etc. But one should never specify where will the job come from, because the Universe works in mysterious ways and one never knows where and what will be coming from.

One example would be a lonely man wanting to meet a nice woman. He might specify that he would want to meet a kind, beautiful, smart and funny woman through work but there won’t be any available.

Our thoughts and words eventually materialize, and that’s why it is a good idea to always stay positive, upbeat and to keep one’s mind on the things one wants, not those one DOES NOT want.

If one keeps thinking about negative things that can happen, they are sure to happen in the nearest future, but if one thinks of things that are desirable, they are sure to appear as well.

Sometimes we are not getting what we want simply because we are afraid to get it. I am guilty of that one myself. At the end of last year almost all my desires written out on the board came true and so it is time to create a new board, filled with new wishes for the upcoming year. But somehow I keep stalling and procrastinating, not even bothering to make a list. Meanwhile there are things I want and need. Why am I not doing anything about it? I think the answer is that I am somehow afraid of getting what I want, afraid of change and moving forward even though I know I should. Interestingly most of us are, and at the end we are the only ones that keep us from having a better life. My goal for this month is to stop procrastinating and make a new list and allow all the good things to come onto my life.