Lulu’s Casita

This past Sunday we took a family trip to Lulu’s Casita – a family friendly coffee shop. Everything there is oriented towards the kids, so parents can relax and enjoy their time while the young ones are playing in a safe child-friendly environment.

You can have some coffee and snacks, mingle with your friends or other mommies while watching your children have all sorts of fun, from slides to rolling around in a pool of plastic balls – Alejandro’s personal favorite.

Everything in Lulu’s Casita is geared towards parents and children, thought out to the tiniest details. For instance picture taking your two children to the mall or to a regular coffee shop. Imagine going to the ladies room and discovering that the stalls are too small to fit the stroller. That’s one, another – while you are using the bathroom, what are you going to occupy your children with? Another issue – what if the toilet is too high for your toddler?
Personally I have been very impressed with ladies rooms in KOP mall – the bathroom is equipped with tiny toilets that a toddler can comfortably use without any assistance. That’s great, but when it comes to washing hands, you will discover that height of the sink in combination with faucet location makes it impossible to hold up your child while washing his/her hands at the same time.

Well, in Lulu’s Casita none of those issues exists – the ladies room is fully equipped with everything you can possibly think of: changing table, small stepping stool to make toilet accessible for a toddler, an infant seat where you can put your little one, while attending to an older child, a mobile hanging over the infant seat to keep your young one occupied, another stepping stool near the sink, just to name a few:

In Lulu’s Casita I found everything all other places were lacking and much more.

On top of that, on one of the walls we found a picture of none other than our family enjoying their day this past September:

Well, we will definitely be back this coming Saturday