Windows 8 Hell or why my Internet Explorer does not function properly

Have you ever opened your Internet Explorer (on Windows 8 computer) and find that it has an address bar at the bottom and is always maximized? Well, I did. I have been using my laptop for a while but only a few days ago I came to worked, opened IE and saw this new and unwelcome change.

I tweaked it around for a while until magically things were back to normal. And here is what I found – apparently Windows 8 had two versions of Internet Explorer, the hellish one (tile version) and… well, the normal one. To open the normal one, open it by clicking on the Desktop tile and then click IE icon in the taskbar. If it is not there, go to all programs, right-click on Internet Explorer and select “Pin to Taskbar”. Hope this will help someone

Amazon RedShift vs Hadoop vs Hive

Usually I use a separate blog to post any computer related information but lately I have been wanting to collaborate all my interests in one blog. So here it goes…

Found some good info on 3 technologies I have been checking out: Amazon RedShift, Hadoop and Hive.

Hadoop is a framework that for processing large data sets across multiple computers. It uses MapReduce approach and HDFS (distributed file system).

Hive is a warehouse built on top of HDFS and MapReduce, that provides SQL-like query engine for parsing and converting queries into MapReduce jobs.

AWS Redshift is a data warehouse built on top of a proprietary technology originally developed by ParAccel that has nothing to do with Hadoop and does not use MapReduce approach. Mostly used for real-time analytics