Les filles en Rouje

Lately I have been quite taken with the new french brand – Rouje. I love the straight leg jeans, espadrilles and shirtdresses they make.

I have bought quite a few pieces from there. One of my favorite this past summer was Laura dress in red.

The website mentioned it runs large and suggests to size up but I feel it is pretty true to size. My normal size – 36, fits me much better than 34 that I originally purchased. While it still worked for me, it would get a little uncomfortable after so much as a glass of water, let alone having a meal.

This dress traveled with me to Dubai and Maldives and proved to wear well in extreme heat and be suitable for many occasions. Very well made and sturdy.

Here it is amongst the favorites I am taking on vacation.

I bought it in size 36 but as forced to return as I received a defective one, so I got myself a blue one. Have not had a chance to wear it yet but I am sure it will get a lot of wear next summer.

For the fall I wanted something with linger sleeves and this burgundy Gabin dress stole my heart.

It is quite comfortable amthough one must be careful when sitting down or riding a bike as the slit does go pretty high. Another downside, that was an easy fix with a dress clip, was the low neckline. Otherwise the dress is very flattering, well made and true to size – my regular 36 fit perfectly.

I am a big jeans fan and I was looking forward to wearing my new Sabina jeans, but, unfortunatelly, my usual size 36 was very small and I was unable to pull them past my hips. Will have to try 38 or even 40 since those run so small…

And last but not least, the Saskia espadrilles. Got my regular size 39 in black and how I wish I got the pair in camel while I still had a chance!
The most comfortable shoes I have worn in a while, very effortless and elegant while still being casual. I barely took them off all summer, worn them on the plane, on the boat, in the desert, and on the beach. Hope Rouje brings them back next year.

Here they are in Dubai sands

And here they are on the beach in Maldives

The perfect military shirt

I have been in search of a military shirt for a while and could never find the right fit, color, length and fabric. At least one was always wrong. H&M shirts lacked quality, BAnana Republic one looked great on a hanger but balooned out in the back once worn, and the fabric was a bit stiff. Some high end ones, including the “le militaire” by Frame denim, were more on a khaki side instead of military green I was looking for. Some were mor forest green and too soft. Finally a winner – not toosoft, not too stiff, just the right shade of military green, perfect fit (I sized up, getting medium instead of my usual small in Paige shirts), perfect length for either tucking in or letting out.

Friday shop

Getting ready for the beach I found a gingham boy shirt from J. Crew and a drop waist beach dress

The shirt is offered in two colors, blue and burnt orange and I got both. I loved the boyish look, beautiful colors, and light, perfect for the hot weather, material. Because the material was do light, I was worried it might be too see through, so I did a “black bra test” and blue shirt passed with flying colors, but the burnet orange clearly shown the black bra under it. So I ended up returning it, while the blue should be getting a lot of wear this season.

At first I felt the dress did not cover up enough, even though the material was solid and color – beautiful, I wanted to return it, but then I thought it would be perfect for the beach. If I really think about it, I do not have any dress that is specifically for the beach trips. Can’t wait to wear it soon!

Unfortunatelly this lovely skirt has to go back:

I loved everything about the skirt: the color, the print, the style, the pockets, the perfect length, the fact that, unlike many skirts of this style, it did not make my bottom appear flat. It was perfect until I attempted to walk in it – it was folding in a very unflattering manner:

Sadly I had to return it.

Ines de la Fressange and Carine Roitfeld x Uniqlo review

Everytime Ines de la Fressang collaboration rolls around I tend to go all out buying tons of stuff even though I suspect most will not work for me in the account of being too baggy when it comes to certain toos and too low cut when it comes to pants.

So this year I’ve decided to limit my collaboration purchases to 2-3 pieces not to end up with lots of pieces I never wear. When IDLF 2016 just came out, I picked out the pants with wider leg – they seemed to be a lot higher waisted then IDLF usually are, tank top, in olive and white, t-shirt in coffee color, linen jacket, and a slub dress in khaki. The pants disappointed me – were too see through, to the point you could clearly see the pockets and also they made my hips look heavy. The t-shirt was less coffeemore dirty khaki, and linen jacket was unlined and looked unkempt and cheap. I ended up getting an olive tank and a slub dress.

The dress in S looked a bit like a trench coat on so I had to exchange it for XS which fir nicely.
Here is the S:

I am also thinking of getting one of the baker caps – I love my navy one from last year’s collaboration!

As far as Carine Roitfeld collaboration goes, I picked the Carine cotton jacket – very fitted and flattering. It turned out to be more casual then I originally thought – with its zippered sleeves and elbow patches but I thought it could spice up some jeans outfits and decided to keep it.

Another CR item is the ruffled skirt in black. I got it in size 4 and it fit perfectly

I usually do not get a lot of polyester stuff but I really liked this skirt

Lemaire x Uniqlo saga continues

Today I finally got my second Uniqlo order – the navy v-neck sweater in size small and two long-sleeve dresses (XS and S).
The sweater is small definitely fits better and can be worn two ways.

At first glance the dress looks like some sort of work smock but once it is on, it sort of transforms. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there is definitely a certain je ne sais quoi about it. It seems loose but sexy and classic at the same time.

I usually wear size 2, 0 in some brands, the XS in this dress was a bit tight accross the chest, so I deciddd th keep the small.

And I am still contemplating whether to keep or return the black seersucker dress.

Lemaire x Uniqlo SS2016 Review

Yesterday, arriving home late after my French class, I found 3 out of 4 Uniqlo packages delivered. I was beyond excited to open them but had to wait to finish up a few things. Well, for the most part I was disappointed. Will start with cotton twill pants. I got them in white, orange, and black. The material was just two stiffand uncomfortabke and the fit – baggy amd unflattering.

Next were the wide-leg pants in mustard. First, the mustard was more if a champagne color, second – huge bulge on the stomach, third – easily wrinkled, and last but not least – too transparent fir my taste, no lining.

The sleeveless dress I got in size medium in white and navy in small. The white dress was nothing to look at, perhaps because it was so big on me, but the navy in small fit me fine and I am considering keeping it. or maybe I will wait if anyone returns an x-small.

When I first saw the dress online, I assumed it was fit and flare style but it was a trapeze-shaped. Here it is unbelted:

And last but not least – the deep v sweater in navy. This one us a definite keeper! The picture does not do the deep v-neck justice as I am wearing a bralette under. I could only get the sweater in medium and only later was able to purchase the small. The one I am wearing here is a medium.

The sweater in small as well as long sleeve dress are coming tomorrow.

There were some pieces I did not care for, like 3/4 sleeve tunic and the mesh shirt but it really worked here

And out of the ones I did buy, here is the dress I got but in red and a white sweater, thesame I got in navy

Ines de ma Fressange x Uniqlo FW 2015

Finally I got all my IDLF x Uniqlo orders in and decided which pieces I am going to keep. I live IDLF but, unfortunatelly, not all the pieces have met my expectations. for example chino pants turned outto be too stiff and jean-like. The sweatshirt in wine color had too much blue in it, way more than it appeared on the websote, and looked dirty, while the grey one looked perfect.

Also the wool skirts have been disappointing; while material was nice and soft, the skirts were way too puffy and unflattering – visually widening my hips on the sides while flattening from behind.

The wool maxi skirt went back as well because it is a winter skirt so most likely will be worn with boots and I felt that it would look strange.

I loved the baker hat, corduroy button up skirt, the belts, wine-colored scarf, off white short sleeve t-shirt and ribbed turtleneck sweater

The ribbed sweater was due to come out on October 15th but I found it on the web site this past Monday and the smaller sizes were sold out almost immediatelly. I got one in grey and one in off white. Got one for my sister as well.

Some items I completely missed out on, like the wool striped blazer. I placed in order for it but shortly got a notice that it was out of stock which is a shame because it is just gorgeous.

Now I am waiting for the rest of the items to come out, particularly tweed crop pants, cashemire beret and the Chester coat