Les filles en Rouje

Lately I have been quite taken with the new french brand – Rouje. I love the straight leg jeans, espadrilles and shirtdresses they make.

I have bought quite a few pieces from there. One of my favorite this past summer was Laura dress in red.

The website mentioned it runs large and suggests to size up but I feel it is pretty true to size. My normal size – 36, fits me much better than 34 that I originally purchased. While it still worked for me, it would get a little uncomfortable after so much as a glass of water, let alone having a meal.

This dress traveled with me to Dubai and Maldives and proved to wear well in extreme heat and be suitable for many occasions. Very well made and sturdy.

Here it is amongst the favorites I am taking on vacation.

I bought it in size 36 but as forced to return as I received a defective one, so I got myself a blue one. Have not had a chance to wear it yet but I am sure it will get a lot of wear next summer.

For the fall I wanted something with linger sleeves and this burgundy Gabin dress stole my heart.

It is quite comfortable amthough one must be careful when sitting down or riding a bike as the slit does go pretty high. Another downside, that was an easy fix with a dress clip, was the low neckline. Otherwise the dress is very flattering, well made and true to size – my regular 36 fit perfectly.

I am a big jeans fan and I was looking forward to wearing my new Sabina jeans, but, unfortunatelly, my usual size 36 was very small and I was unable to pull them past my hips. Will have to try 38 or even 40 since those run so small…

And last but not least, the Saskia espadrilles. Got my regular size 39 in black and how I wish I got the pair in camel while I still had a chance!
The most comfortable shoes I have worn in a while, very effortless and elegant while still being casual. I barely took them off all summer, worn them on the plane, on the boat, in the desert, and on the beach. Hope Rouje brings them back next year.

Here they are in Dubai sands

And here they are on the beach in Maldives

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