Maldives day 1

The flight was really long, about 17 hours in total plane time with layover in Dubai. The layover was supposed to be 2 hours, which we were planning to spend degustating local foods in the lounge, but since our flight was considerably late, we spend about 20 munutes, running through Dubai airport, accompanied by a stewardess and 3 other guests. Luckily we made it on time. The flight to Male was short and pleasant since we got plenty of leg room.

Upon arrival we picked up our only suitcase and headed outside where we were greeted by our hotel representative and taken to the boat.

The boat ride was about 40 minutes and was beautiful – surrounded by clear waters, sun and wind.

Once we arrived and checked in, we were driven to the far side of the resort, to where they had the over the water jacuzzi villas. It was nearly 6pm and it was not hot at all and the winds were pretty strong, walking on the wooden deck I had to take care not to fall overboard, to keep company to the variety of fishes, swimming back and forth under, feeding on some water bugs.

Our room was nearly at the very end of the deck – next to last villa in the lineup.

After dinner we headed straight to the room to rest up and were settling in to get to bed when I got a great idea – to put on my bathing suit and take a dip in the night waters.

The stairs from our jacuzzi room led straight into the waters beneath the villa.

One gotta take care as the very bottom of the steps is quite slippery. I was hesitant to swim far from the steps but the water was marvelous – felt like slightly warm milk. It also did not feel like an ordinary ocean water that leaves your skin a bit sticky, it felt on my skin no different than a tap water would.

The fish was swimming back and forth and we even saw a few large turtles and a small grey shark.

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