Most versatile purse color

I was looking to buy a new purse and my number one choice was a black Agn├Ęs B. black Boston bag. The only issue was the color – I was not sure whether I wanted to buy a black bag – as much as I love black when it comes to clothing, I am not the number one fan when it comes to accessories, as they do not work more times then they do work.

For instance with navy or the blues. Or with bright spring color like orange or lime green. So I had to come up with something else.

After much hesitation I picked the perfect color – black cherry (or deep burgundy). It goes well with navy, khaki, tan, gray. Absolutely fabulous with black, and a beautifully contrasting when put together with orange and lime green.

The only color I do not like pairing black cherry with is red, but only when it comes to tops or dresses. Luckily I currently do not own a single red top or dress. I only have a pair of red capris but I can see myself wearing them with white shirt and black cherry bag just fine. WSo now I am on a lookout for the perfect black cherry purse. One in particular is mini Pashli by 3.1 Phillip Lim. Too bad I already have it in tan.

Sunday night bake

Finally came around to baking an eclaire cake and cheese puffs. It is really my first time baking this cake. I shared a recipe 3 years ago (today) on facebook and just saw it in my memories.

Here is the pie crust:

And here is a finished product:

The recipe called for store bought vanilla pudding and cool wipping cream but instead I made from scratch the cream we use for eclaires and used fresh wipped cream.

And cheese puffs also a new recipe: