21 Day Fix – Day 10

Breakfast – 1 scoop of Shakeology with a medium banana, plus a piece of mango – 1 red and 1.5 purple

Lunch – Salad: Boston lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cheddar, feta, gypsy salami with ahint if balsamic vinegar and olive oil and some salt – 2 green and 1 red

Saving 2 yellow for the Shandor’s birthday party tonight.

Will take a small break and will get to the Lower Body Fix exercise.


Friday shop

Here are my Friday gamine picks:

The niege, marine, and tulip striped top from J. Crew factory.

Striped hat to match from Kohl’s:

And polka dot bow top also from Kohl’s ELLE collection.

And last but not least, a gorgeous denim boat skirt from A.P.C

Another piece I got was Donna top also from A.P.C but I am not sure it will be a good fit as I was only able to get it in size medium. Either way it was such a perfect gamine staple – just the right boxy look, that I was simply unable to resist. Especially with all Memorial Day sales going on.

21 Day Fix – Day 8

Today it was my cardio workout day so I was planning on going for a run instead. At lunch I cjecked the weather and it was 90 degrees out! Crazy, but I still went, ran about a mile and still had enough time for a quick shower and lunch – piece of griller salmon with some green peas, whe watching Game of Thrones.

And here is my dinner

Salmon, broccoli, sime edamame with feta cheese.

And my kids’ dinner

Salmon, broccoli and buckwheat. Trying to keep my whole family eating healthy. Unfortunately the little one did not want fish or buckwheat but he welcomes extra broccoli with a happy squeel.

21 Day Fix – Day 7

Here is what I have for lunch and snack for today:

Some beef – red, green beans – 1 green, plus some fetta cheese to sprinkle the greens, which in combination with meat will make up 1.5 red.

My regular snack of plain greek yogurt with berries – 1 red and 0.5 purple.

And breakfast – cafe latte shake with banana – 1 red and 1 purple. That takes care of 3.5 red, 1 green, and 1.5 purple.

For dinner I’ll have a large green salad with a bit of ricotta cheese and/or some extra veggies, most likely steamed – keeps more nutrients in, some hummus, slice of wheat bread, and berries for second snack.

21 Day Fix – Day 6

So I am entering day 6 of my 21 Day Fix + Shakeology weightloss. Here is my meal plan for the day:

Breakfast: Shakeology cafe latte shake with 1 banana – 1 red and 1 purple

Lunch: Small steak and peas and mushrooms, sauteed

On the second thought, I threw in some steamed brussel sprouts, making it 1.5 green and 1 red

Snack 1: Plain Greek yogurt with some raspberries – 1 red and 0.5 purple

So by the time I get home for dinner I will have done: 1.5 green, 3 red, 1.5 purple, and 1 tsp of avocado oil it took to saute the vegetables and the meat.

And here are my remaining greens – 1.5:

I also had some hummus to tale care of 1 blue and some of my son’s birthday cake – Tres Leches, covered with wipper cream and some raspberries – that took care of remaining red, purple amd 2 yellow.

My fitness and shopping freeze challenge

All my life I used to be this tiny waifish girl. All the way till I had gotten pregnant with my first child, that was the end. Never again was I thin and fit, except, perhaps, towards the end of my break between first son and the second one. I went down to 127lbs but by then I was already in my first trimester.

Here is me, vacationing in Canada with my first husband back in 2000

And here is me in Dominican Republic in 2004

I still have that D&G bathing suit, only it looks on my quite different these days…

And here is me in Hawaii, enjoying honeymoon with my new husband in 2008. I already put on some weight but was still under 120lbs

Here I am at the 7 months photoshoot, pregnant with our firstborn (2010)

And here is me lounging at the Le Club 55 in St-Tropez back in 2013, already pregnant woth Shandor. Can you see my 6-pack?:)

And here is also me at 127lbs strolling through the streets of St-Tropez

I was almost back to my regular weight and could not be happier. Then here is me again in 2014 when I was getting ready to have my second son. I insisted on wearing the same dress as I wore back in 2010, the furst time around

The above was taken at about 7 months. So a pretty big skip from 7 weeks in St-Tropes to 7 months!

And here is me only days away from finally delivering our bundle of joy. Wearing the same dress and necklace to celebrate the Mother’s Day as I did for the 7 months photoshoot

As happy as I was to add two beautiful boys to our family, I missed my old tiny self so much but was always too busy to do something about it. And my youngest is about to turn 2 at the end of this month.

So a few weeks ago I came across this very nice girl Tanya, who became my trainer as I joined 21 day fix and Shakeology. I was eager and did notwait till June, but started as soon as my kit arrived in the mail this past Thursday. I have decided I am going to do my best and see what happens.

Here are some of my photis from Day 3 (I was too busy to have them taken Day 1)

So no matter what it takes, I made a pact with myself to stick through, to do what it takes to loose extra weight and get into shape. Another thing I did is gave up shopping untill I will complete my 21 day programs. My day 1 was this past Thursday on 5/19. Please wish me luck!:) And strength

Friday shop

Getting ready for summer outside I have gotten a couple of gamine staples: a pair of wedge espadrilles and chunky heel sandals.

The sandals were actually a Mother’s Day gift from my husband. The espadrilles I got from Neiman Marcus Last Call. I actually had my eye on two pairs, flats and wedges. I ended up getting cognac flats for my mom, who, by the way, loved it. And she is quite difficult to please.

Here the lovely Sabrina espadrilles in cognac color. I loved two things about them – the softness and incredible comfort and the fact that they are made in Spain, not China for a change.

Here they are in black:

In addition to two pairs of shoes for myself I also found a beautiful open-collar necklace. Here are my purchases:

Both pairs of espadrilles are heavenly – incredibly comfortable and flattering. And the chunky heels are very chic and versatile. I am looking forward to wearing them all summer long.