Personal wardrobe essentials

Do you have any items of clothing you simply cannot live without? Not necessarily the widely accepted basics, but your personal wardrobe staples. And I am not talking LBD, crisp white shirt or a pair of good jeans but about clothing articles that are unique to you. There 5 things that I am always in search of and when one gets to worn out, I know I will miss it greatly.

1) Jean skirt – Mid-thigh jean skirt, not too short, and with a nice extra touch, like a small bow inthe back near the slit or a slit in the front, not just plain.

I got a perfect skirt while visiting Israel from the Cannon mall – a chain store called twenty four-seven. The past year or so I started worrying about what will I do when it looses its charm. Thankfully I was able to find my next jean skirt this past December in Paraguay at the Argentinizn brand store Kevingston. My new favorite brand. We get some of their stuff it the US but it is all rugby related. All the Kevingston stores in South America carry regular clothes. I got a whole bunch of cute tops in addition to the skirt.

2) Black t-shirt or tank top with some sort of neck embelishment. Banana Republic has been my top choice for years. Once, years ago, I got a black t-shirt with satin neckline. It was simple, classic yet slightly dressier then a plain t-shirt. It has been my go-to top for many years untill about a year ago when it started getting worn out. I very much regretted not buying more that time.

A few months back I got a new job and was going out to lunch with one of my co-workers. She needed to return something to the new BR factory store and while I was waiting for her I saw some t-shirts and tanks with satin neckline. I got a few in different colors, at least two of each kind in black. I know I will make good use of them.

3) Shirt dress – possibly gingham or solid color. My current go to shirtdress is a gingham dress from Boden – one of my favorite stores. I bought it in navy and grass green but with I have gotten them all!

4) Plain sheath dress in black, navy or grey. Very versatile, practically uniform.
Again my pick was Audrey dress from Boden which I purchased in grey and black. Did not like the one in navy.

5) Pair of good capri pants. My favorite one is a pair of jean capri I bought in Buenos Aires back in 2009. Unfortunatelly I have not been able to either fit into them after pregnancy or find a replacement. Here are some really old pictures taken somewhere in Brazil:

I am really curious to find out what are the top 5 items for others


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