The last of Lemaire x Uniqlo

Decisions, decisions

Just got my last Lemaire x Uniqlo order in and I swear I am done and there will be no more. Now I have to decide on what I am keeping and what goes back

The truth is all pieces are beautiful and I do want to keep them all but my rule is no more than 2 pieces from each collaboration (Ines de la Fressange, Carine Roitfeld, Lemaire). This year I only got one piece from IDLF – an olive tank, then 3 pieces from CR – ruffle skirt in black and silk tank, and later added a ruffle skirt in camouflage (it went on sale and I could not resist), and so far, no matter how hard I tried, I am only down to 5 pieces from Lemaire – the beautiful olive long sleeve dress, deep V sweater in mustard yellow, navy square sweater from last collection (surprisingly soft and versatile), and 2 flared skirts, one in teal and another in black. I had trouble choosing between the two so I kept them both.
With a heavy heart I am taking back white mesh sweater with black trim (so chic!) but I won’t make much use of it plus it can snag easily, and red flared skirt (it is not as elegant as its black and teal counterparts. It is a little sporty so could look good with some white sneakers but I do not own any:)).


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