Ines de la Fressange and Carine Roitfeld x Uniqlo review

Everytime Ines de la Fressang collaboration rolls around I tend to go all out buying tons of stuff even though I suspect most will not work for me in the account of being too baggy when it comes to certain toos and too low cut when it comes to pants.

So this year I’ve decided to limit my collaboration purchases to 2-3 pieces not to end up with lots of pieces I never wear. When IDLF 2016 just came out, I picked out the pants with wider leg – they seemed to be a lot higher waisted then IDLF usually are, tank top, in olive and white, t-shirt in coffee color, linen jacket, and a slub dress in khaki. The pants disappointed me – were too see through, to the point you could clearly see the pockets and also they made my hips look heavy. The t-shirt was less coffeemore dirty khaki, and linen jacket was unlined and looked unkempt and cheap. I ended up getting an olive tank and a slub dress.

The dress in S looked a bit like a trench coat on so I had to exchange it for XS which fir nicely.
Here is the S:

I am also thinking of getting one of the baker caps – I love my navy one from last year’s collaboration!

As far as Carine Roitfeld collaboration goes, I picked the Carine cotton jacket – very fitted and flattering. It turned out to be more casual then I originally thought – with its zippered sleeves and elbow patches but I thought it could spice up some jeans outfits and decided to keep it.

Another CR item is the ruffled skirt in black. I got it in size 4 and it fit perfectly

I usually do not get a lot of polyester stuff but I really liked this skirt


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