Mushroom coated salad

4-5 potatoes
1-2 cartots
3-4 eggs
1.5 cup of mushrooms
2-3 tbsp of mayo
Italian herbs


  • Boil in separate pots potatoes, carrots and eggs until ready

  • While vegetables and eggs are cooking, cut up a large onion and fry till golden

  • When onions turn golden, cut up the mushrooms

  • Add the mushrooms to the onions, put salt, pepper and some Italian herbs and cook till it is ready

  • Check potatoes for readines by scrubbing them with the fork – the skin should come off easily when they are cooked through

  • Take vegetables out of the water, drop into a cold water and take out
  • While still warm, scrub clean with the knife. Peeling is easier while still warm
  • Grate potatoes first and layer into a glass bowl

  • Next grate the carrots and layer on topof the potatoes. Top with a couple of table spoons of mayo

  • Spread mayo evenly in a thin layer

  • Cut up the egg and spead it on top of the mayo layer

  • Spread the mushrooms with fried onions mixture on topof the eggs


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