Oil-free tonic from La Mere review

I always had oily t-zone which causes me great grief, especially in the winter. Anythingand everything causes my face to tur’ super oily tothe point of ridiculous. The funnything is that my skin does not seem oily at first, and my pores are very small. But as soon as I either press ot a little, or sit in ahighly air-conditioned room, and voila! My t-zone is oozing oil!

Over the years I tried different products but no matter what I did, by lunch time I feel my face getting uncomfortably oily. And finally, looks like I founda solution – oil-free tonic by La Mere.

All it takes isa few drops on a cotton ball, rub it into my t-zone and it lasts me through the day. No oil, no shine. I call it the holy water


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