Lemaire x Uniqlo SS2016 Review

Yesterday, arriving home late after my French class, I found 3 out of 4 Uniqlo packages delivered. I was beyond excited to open them but had to wait to finish up a few things. Well, for the most part I was disappointed. Will start with cotton twill pants. I got them in white, orange, and black. The material was just two stiffand uncomfortabke and the fit – baggy amd unflattering.

Next were the wide-leg pants in mustard. First, the mustard was more if a champagne color, second – huge bulge on the stomach, third – easily wrinkled, and last but not least – too transparent fir my taste, no lining.

The sleeveless dress I got in size medium in white and navy in small. The white dress was nothing to look at, perhaps because it was so big on me, but the navy in small fit me fine and I am considering keeping it. or maybe I will wait if anyone returns an x-small.

When I first saw the dress online, I assumed it was fit and flare style but it was a trapeze-shaped. Here it is unbelted:

And last but not least – the deep v sweater in navy. This one us a definite keeper! The picture does not do the deep v-neck justice as I am wearing a bralette under. I could only get the sweater in medium and only later was able to purchase the small. The one I am wearing here is a medium.

The sweater in small as well as long sleeve dress are coming tomorrow.

There were some pieces I did not care for, like 3/4 sleeve tunic and the mesh shirt but it really worked here

And out of the ones I did buy, here is the dress I got but in red and a white sweater, thesame I got in navy


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