Lemaire x Uniqlo Collaboration

I saw some notifications on Uniqlo site regarding new Lemaire collaboration but was not planning on getting anything since I really do not need anythingand already got my shopping fix from IDLF and Carine Roitfeld. So I really was not planning to even put it in my calendar. But Thursday night, after a long battle with French verbs, I was crashing down next to my husband, watching Sopranos on his laptop and I saw on Uniqlo site the link appeared for the Lemaire collab. i could have sworn the link was not there a minute ago. So, just out of curiosity, I clicked on the link.
So there I was, checking out gorgeous mustardy yellow sweater, contemplating putting it into the cart. I really did not need another sweater but this one was such a beautiful shade of yellow and had a very deep v-neck that probably reached the navel. It was tempting. My mind was going through the pairing options.

Next I looked at a very elegant sleeveless dress:

and I have noticed that red option was only available in medium and large. Small and extra-small were gone in jyst a few moments. Things were going fast and I realized it was time to act. Leaving the thinking to later I raced upstairs to the iMac since sold out items still show up on the mobile and my MacBook Air was out of order.
Quickly I have decided on my four must-haves: the deep v sweater above in yellow or navy, the sleeveless dress in black, pants in orange or possibly white, and wide-leg pants in yellow.

I managed to get straight leg pants in every color and wide-leg ones in yellow.
The dress in red was gone but either way, it was too bright for le and the black I got was fabulous! Unfortunatelly I missed out on coveted yellow sweater but gotten the one in navy. I got some in medium, thinking of my sister and my mother-in-law.
An hour later I checked back in and all the items I picked were sold out completely.
That’s when I saw this picture

and tried to find this dress but the only one left was a white one (nurse’s uniform?) in medium.
Gotta check back in once in a while, maybe they will re-stock or someone will return that yellow sweater.
Cannot wait for my order to get in next week!


14 thoughts on “Lemaire x Uniqlo Collaboration

  1. These collaboration lead to serious competitive shopping! It sells out incredibly quickly and doesn’t seems to be really ever restocked. Maybe more items will reappear as returns roll in!


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