Ines de la Fressange and Carine Roitfeld x Uniqlo review

Everytime Ines de la Fressang collaboration rolls around I tend to go all out buying tons of stuff even though I suspect most will not work for me in the account of being too baggy when it comes to certain toos and too low cut when it comes to pants.

So this year I’ve decided to limit my collaboration purchases to 2-3 pieces not to end up with lots of pieces I never wear. When IDLF 2016 just came out, I picked out the pants with wider leg – they seemed to be a lot higher waisted then IDLF usually are, tank top, in olive and white, t-shirt in coffee color, linen jacket, and a slub dress in khaki. The pants disappointed me – were too see through, to the point you could clearly see the pockets and also they made my hips look heavy. The t-shirt was less coffeemore dirty khaki, and linen jacket was unlined and looked unkempt and cheap. I ended up getting an olive tank and a slub dress.

The dress in S looked a bit like a trench coat on so I had to exchange it for XS which fir nicely.
Here is the S:

I am also thinking of getting one of the baker caps – I love my navy one from last year’s collaboration!

As far as Carine Roitfeld collaboration goes, I picked the Carine cotton jacket – very fitted and flattering. It turned out to be more casual then I originally thought – with its zippered sleeves and elbow patches but I thought it could spice up some jeans outfits and decided to keep it.

Another CR item is the ruffled skirt in black. I got it in size 4 and it fit perfectly

I usually do not get a lot of polyester stuff but I really liked this skirt

Mushroom coated salad

4-5 potatoes
1-2 cartots
3-4 eggs
1.5 cup of mushrooms
2-3 tbsp of mayo
Italian herbs


  • Boil in separate pots potatoes, carrots and eggs until ready

  • While vegetables and eggs are cooking, cut up a large onion and fry till golden

  • When onions turn golden, cut up the mushrooms

  • Add the mushrooms to the onions, put salt, pepper and some Italian herbs and cook till it is ready

  • Check potatoes for readines by scrubbing them with the fork – the skin should come off easily when they are cooked through

  • Take vegetables out of the water, drop into a cold water and take out
  • While still warm, scrub clean with the knife. Peeling is easier while still warm
  • Grate potatoes first and layer into a glass bowl

  • Next grate the carrots and layer on topof the potatoes. Top with a couple of table spoons of mayo

  • Spread mayo evenly in a thin layer

  • Cut up the egg and spead it on top of the mayo layer

  • Spread the mushrooms with fried onions mixture on topof the eggs

Oil-free tonic from La Mere review

I always had oily t-zone which causes me great grief, especially in the winter. Anythingand everything causes my face to tur’ super oily tothe point of ridiculous. The funnything is that my skin does not seem oily at first, and my pores are very small. But as soon as I either press ot a little, or sit in ahighly air-conditioned room, and voila! My t-zone is oozing oil!

Over the years I tried different products but no matter what I did, by lunch time I feel my face getting uncomfortably oily. And finally, looks like I founda solution – oil-free tonic by La Mere.

All it takes isa few drops on a cotton ball, rub it into my t-zone and it lasts me through the day. No oil, no shine. I call it the holy water

Lemaire x Uniqlo saga continues

Today I finally got my second Uniqlo order – the navy v-neck sweater in size small and two long-sleeve dresses (XS and S).
The sweater is small definitely fits better and can be worn two ways.

At first glance the dress looks like some sort of work smock but once it is on, it sort of transforms. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there is definitely a certain je ne sais quoi about it. It seems loose but sexy and classic at the same time.

I usually wear size 2, 0 in some brands, the XS in this dress was a bit tight accross the chest, so I deciddd th keep the small.

And I am still contemplating whether to keep or return the black seersucker dress.

Lemaire x Uniqlo SS2016 Review

Yesterday, arriving home late after my French class, I found 3 out of 4 Uniqlo packages delivered. I was beyond excited to open them but had to wait to finish up a few things. Well, for the most part I was disappointed. Will start with cotton twill pants. I got them in white, orange, and black. The material was just two stiffand uncomfortabke and the fit – baggy amd unflattering.

Next were the wide-leg pants in mustard. First, the mustard was more if a champagne color, second – huge bulge on the stomach, third – easily wrinkled, and last but not least – too transparent fir my taste, no lining.

The sleeveless dress I got in size medium in white and navy in small. The white dress was nothing to look at, perhaps because it was so big on me, but the navy in small fit me fine and I am considering keeping it. or maybe I will wait if anyone returns an x-small.

When I first saw the dress online, I assumed it was fit and flare style but it was a trapeze-shaped. Here it is unbelted:

And last but not least – the deep v sweater in navy. This one us a definite keeper! The picture does not do the deep v-neck justice as I am wearing a bralette under. I could only get the sweater in medium and only later was able to purchase the small. The one I am wearing here is a medium.

The sweater in small as well as long sleeve dress are coming tomorrow.

There were some pieces I did not care for, like 3/4 sleeve tunic and the mesh shirt but it really worked here

And out of the ones I did buy, here is the dress I got but in red and a white sweater, thesame I got in navy

Lemaire x Uniqlo Collaboration

I saw some notifications on Uniqlo site regarding new Lemaire collaboration but was not planning on getting anything since I really do not need anythingand already got my shopping fix from IDLF and Carine Roitfeld. So I really was not planning to even put it in my calendar. But Thursday night, after a long battle with French verbs, I was crashing down next to my husband, watching Sopranos on his laptop and I saw on Uniqlo site the link appeared for the Lemaire collab. i could have sworn the link was not there a minute ago. So, just out of curiosity, I clicked on the link.
So there I was, checking out gorgeous mustardy yellow sweater, contemplating putting it into the cart. I really did not need another sweater but this one was such a beautiful shade of yellow and had a very deep v-neck that probably reached the navel. It was tempting. My mind was going through the pairing options.

Next I looked at a very elegant sleeveless dress:

and I have noticed that red option was only available in medium and large. Small and extra-small were gone in jyst a few moments. Things were going fast and I realized it was time to act. Leaving the thinking to later I raced upstairs to the iMac since sold out items still show up on the mobile and my MacBook Air was out of order.
Quickly I have decided on my four must-haves: the deep v sweater above in yellow or navy, the sleeveless dress in black, pants in orange or possibly white, and wide-leg pants in yellow.

I managed to get straight leg pants in every color and wide-leg ones in yellow.
The dress in red was gone but either way, it was too bright for le and the black I got was fabulous! Unfortunatelly I missed out on coveted yellow sweater but gotten the one in navy. I got some in medium, thinking of my sister and my mother-in-law.
An hour later I checked back in and all the items I picked were sold out completely.
That’s when I saw this picture

and tried to find this dress but the only one left was a white one (nurse’s uniform?) in medium.
Gotta check back in once in a while, maybe they will re-stock or someone will return that yellow sweater.
Cannot wait for my order to get in next week!