Ines de ma Fressange x Uniqlo FW 2015

Finally I got all my IDLF x Uniqlo orders in and decided which pieces I am going to keep. I live IDLF but, unfortunatelly, not all the pieces have met my expectations. for example chino pants turned outto be too stiff and jean-like. The sweatshirt in wine color had too much blue in it, way more than it appeared on the websote, and looked dirty, while the grey one looked perfect.

Also the wool skirts have been disappointing; while material was nice and soft, the skirts were way too puffy and unflattering – visually widening my hips on the sides while flattening from behind.

The wool maxi skirt went back as well because it is a winter skirt so most likely will be worn with boots and I felt that it would look strange.

I loved the baker hat, corduroy button up skirt, the belts, wine-colored scarf, off white short sleeve t-shirt and ribbed turtleneck sweater

The ribbed sweater was due to come out on October 15th but I found it on the web site this past Monday and the smaller sizes were sold out almost immediatelly. I got one in grey and one in off white. Got one for my sister as well.

Some items I completely missed out on, like the wool striped blazer. I placed in order for it but shortly got a notice that it was out of stock which is a shame because it is just gorgeous.

Now I am waiting for the rest of the items to come out, particularly tweed crop pants, cashemire beret and the Chester coat