Shiseido matifying oil-free moisturizer

As many people do, I have a very dry skin all over except tye dreadful t-zone where my skin is oily and very shiny at times. I have noticed that although mostly dry, my skin gets extremely ouly in a highly air-conditioned office. It gets to the point where I have to make numerous trips to the bathroom just to blot and/or wash my face with cold water to make my existence bearable and my face bareable. Pun intended.

So I did some research and found that my skin, in fact, does not get oily but instead gets extremely dry, causing my pores to spit out oil in excess in order to compensate for extreme dryness. turn out moisturizer was the answer to my problem. I have tried a fair amount of different moisturizers and creams with no luck until I found Shiseido matifyin oil-free one. There are many product out there that promise you an oil-free existence but none of them really delivers. Instead they create this ouly feeling from the start, which pretty much ruins my day before it even started.

One day I was browsing on my computer and saw the word “matifying” inthe nale. a bery attractive word to me for the obvious reasons – I was so tired of my pores oozing with oil as soon as I step into the office. So after work I headed to the nearby Bloomingdale’s and got myself a bottle of this promissing new moisturizer.

Well, it totally worked. and, as can be seen from the photo above, it is approaching its end, which is more than I can say for hundreds of other products, occupying my bathroom at one time or another.

This moisturizer does the job without an uneasy oily feeling, dries fast, leaving your skin feeling great. It smells nice and truly is oil-free. Highly recommend for dry and combination skin. Office environment tested, husband approved.


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