The Chariot

January 20th – February 18th

My story:
A secretary is asked by her boss to schedule a meeting with a particular person but cannot fullfill the manager’s request because the person refuses to attend the meeting
Reversed often points out to feelings that things are slipping out of your control and that you do not have a say in the current situation. Feelings of helplessness and hopelessness. While in the upright position there is some kind of level of control possessed by the querrent, in the reversed position there is absolutely none.

Sometimes refers to a “deadlock” situation where two entities are using the same resource and neither entity or process can exit untill the other one is finished therefore creating a situation in which ending a disagreement is impossible because neither side will give up what it wants.

For example two people get into a disagreement where one person decides they will not speak to another, untill the other one appologizes, meanwhile the other person decides that they will indeed appologize after the other person starts speaking to them again.

General Meaning:

Inability to perform a task because you don’t have all the control. Just like a chariot depends on more than one wheel, the resolution of your situation depends on more than one factor and/or another person, so you do not have control over all of them


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