Lace and eyelet from Loft

I wanted to get a lace pencil skirt for a while and finally saw the one I liked – a scalloped white one from Loft. It looked good online but I was not convinced, so I stopped at the store after work and went through all the new arrivals. Didn’t really like anything except the aforementioned lace skirt and geo eyelet top in navy. 

Online reviews claimed that the skirt runs small and one needs to size up, but my regular size 2 fit perfectly in the waist while still comfortably accommodating my curves. The length came up slightly above my knees.

The only issue was that I was wearing opaque tights when trying on the skirt and the lining on the skirt created friction with the tights, making it difficult to pull it on. Without the tights the skirt fit great

I also tried a lace dress, very similar to the skirt but found it a bit boxy and stiff and not very flattering

A pair of cullotes looked nice but being 100% linen they would definitely get very wrinkled so I’ve decided to pass. Yellow dress in eyelet looked cute as well but formed a large fold on the back at the waist level. Pass

Online I saw three types of sizing for the lace skirt – regular, petite and curvy. I know petite is half-inch smaller than regular but there was no measurements listed for the curvy option. I have been looking everywhere for any measurements and/or review but didn’t find anything. 

And today I came across a blog with a post from yesterday specifically about sizing for this skirt – just what I was looking for: here it is in case anyone else is interested.

So this week Loft is having 40% off friends and family sale (with promo code SHAREIT) and I placed a large order, getting the lace skirt, geo eyelet top in both navy and aqua (this top is so wonderfully boxy and has a slightly gamine look to it, I had to have it), a beautiful maxi dress that looks perfect for the boardwalk in the summer, and a bunch of Yoke lace tees that looked very cute on the web site but are not sold in stores. I should receive my stuff sometime next week. Will post a review then


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