Pink Lady

Jacket – Beiman Marcus
Shirt – Lilly Pulitzer for Target
Pants – Ines de la Fressange for Uniqlo
Shoes – Nine West


30 day shopping freeze challenge

Today is the day 1 of my 30 day shopping freeze challenge. I was supposed to start on the 24th, but on the 25th I could not resist an awesome orange sweater from H&M I saw on Wendy’s Lookbook. Here is the post, and here is the sweater

I also have my last order arriving from Loft tomorrow, by the end of the day. So tomorrow and Tuesday everything I will not keep is goung back from Loft and Target (Lilly collab).
I must say, it was hard today and I still browsed online checking out some things from Loft’s latest BUSTAMOVE sale and some other stores. Need to channel my energy elsewhere and keep away from temptations

Typical college day

Few weeks ago I started a Business Intelligence class at a local community college. It amazes me how much college life has changes sinnce my graduation – I used to go to college with a load of books, large notebook and a pen. Now I have a my MacBook Air with my textbook loaded on it and iPhone for taking class notes. In my purse I have phone chargers, flash drives and othef stuff to aid me in my studies and to make my day more comfortable

modern technology indeed has introduced much more convenience into a life of a student

Lilly Pulitzer Collaboration for Target

So the plan was to go to at least 2 different Targets as they all get different stuff, based on my previous experiences. I have decided to go to the furthest Target first since I left early and I figured this way I will save time on the way back.

When I got there I saw a crowd right in front, standing around in the cold.

Couple of times security has come oit to talk to and to try to calm down overly excited women waiting in line. I swear, the dude looked scared:)

As soon as the door opened, everyone rushed in, nearly knocking each other over and ripping things off the hangers. I snatched a cute white blouse and pair of Boom Boom pants. The only ones I could get my hands on in medium. Everything else was XL. Really, the whole things reminded me of the book Hunger Games – the part where they are at the Cornucopia and are running to snatch weapons, killing each other…

Next I went to houseware. Now that my sister was covered, I wanted to get some decor for my house and some Mother’s Day gifts for my mom and my mother-in-law.

Picked up a bunch of towels as they’d make a great gift as they are not as personal as any item of clothing would be.

I also got those cute pillows that would make a nice addition for my reading nook:

At the next Target all I saw was empty hangers and 1 or 2 lonely rompers in XL and one shirt in XS in one of my favorite prints. I picked it up and headed towards the fitting room as I was stopped by a lady who was rolling down an isle a cart with her daughter. she admired the shirt and asked me where I got it. Turned out she had no clue about the collaboration.

I went to kids section and picked up boom boom romper for a friends’ daughter and got lne in XL for myself.

I actually like the boom boom romper from girls’ section better than the one from ladies’ below:

Here is some more stuff I tried

Was not that impressed with the blue romper – too much extra material hanging plus tappered leg – not very flattering.

The blue dress was nice but didn’t do anything for me.

below is my total botty from all 3 Targets:

and here are pictures of my reading nook, before and after.