Organizing ideas for toy train

My son Alejandro is a big fan of Thomas the Train and we used to have all thise trains laying around everywhere. One day I got tired of the disorder and started lookingfor a way to get the train situation under control.

On one of the web sites –, I found an easy solution – a storage box with compartments from Ikea:

Today I found even better solution in The Container Store:

It can be used as simple storage and can be easily tucked away out of sight under the furniture and also can be used as a display. I love that it has a cover that clicks in place

Of course the Container store solution is much more comfortable and secure, but the Ikea’s Kusiner box with compartments is much cheaper – can’t beat the $5.99, and can be folded up when unused.

So here are the pros and cons on each.

Kusiner box with compartments

Price – $5.99
Easy storage – foldable
Fits trains perfectly

No cover

Large part organizer

Has a cover

Price – $19.99