Day 12: Rainy day

Trench – Burberry
Sweater – Boden Audrey sweater
Jeans – NYDJ
Shoes – J. Crew
Little one’s trench – Zara kids


France part 2 – Louvre, Eiffel Tower and more

Originally both my husband and I were more interested in going to D’Orsay then Louvre but unfortunatelly, we had to leave it to another trip. Getting into Louvre was easy with the Paris passes we ordered before out trip and picked up after arriving to Paris.

My biggest thing about Louvre was seeing Mona Lisa, so i suggested we head there first thing, and only then we can pick what we get to see next. You simply cannot really see Louvre in one day and having only half a day we had to limit ourselves severely.

To be honest, Mona Lisa have disappointed me, perhaps due to my high expectations. the reality was depressing:

But as far as everything else goes, Louvre has surpassd my expectations in every way possible and we quickly lost track of time. Below are some highlights:

After walking Champ de Elysee back and forth, we headed over to Arc of Triumph to enjoy the view:

Breathtaking view fully justified a painful ascend.

Later, completely exhausted but happy, we met up with Tanya who found out about our whereabouts from Facebook. I must admit, earlier in the year I was planning on catching up with her but later it completely slipped my mind that she was living in Paris these days. After dinner and drinks (amazing fois gras!) Tanya presented us with unexpected surprise – made us run like the wind to see something exciting. I was not in the mood for running or even for seeing anything at all, all I could think of was a hot shower, cup of tea and a good night sleep. Few minutes later we arrived at a dark corner and I was about to ask what was so important that we could not have walked slowly, and then it happened – invisible in the dark Eiffel Tower suddenly lit up, making me feel like a kid at Christmas:

Aparently it happens at 10 o’clock sharp and many people, even the locals, gather to see it and take pictures.

Thanks Tanya, I will never forget the view:)

Boden Review

Here are my Boden picks:

  1. The #1 – gingham shirt dress I got in 6R even though I am normally size 2 or size 4, but Boden clothes mostly runs small. Size 6R fit me perfectly, the dress is very well made and even though unlined, it did not pose a problem for me. The flared skirt and gingham gives it a 50s flare that I love.

    After wearing this dress out once, I received tons of compliments on it and regretted not getting it also in grassy green. By the time I realized my mistake, the dress was sold out. Luckily today I went back on Boden site and found they brought it back in grassy green in particular. So I immediately placed an order for size 6R.

    #2 is the St. James wool dress I bought for work. Originally I ordered it in size 4R based on measurements listed but, unfortunately, my order was cancelled due to an error in inventory. Luckily I was able to get it in size 6R in black. Fit me perfectly, while 4R might have been too small and hard to get into. The dress is lovely, very flattering, slimming and versatile.

    # 3 wool pencil skirt I also got exclusively for work. Bought one in navy in size 4L and I am glad I did because it falls right below the knee and 4R would have been right above the knee. I find that the most flattering length for me is either right below the knee, or one that hits right in the middle of the knee cap, or mini that hits a couple of inches above the knee.

    In Boden sizes that means I need either L or S length, since R mostly hits right above the knee at its wider part. The 4L in pencil skirt was exactly what I wanted:

    #4 the tweed mini I got in 6S. It is very well made, good quality material, but I felt it did not do anything for me – it was a bit too stiff especially in the back:

    #5 I decided to get when they were sold out of the green gingham dress and was disappointed – the skirt was too long(4L which in case of a pencil skirt was perfect) and not flared as much as the dress. Didn’t do anything for me, so it is going back along with tweed mini: