France part 1 – Parisian apartment

It has been almost a year since our lovely trip to France and I finally got a change to write about it. There is nothing that gives me more pleasure then reminiscing over every little detail, remembering our little apartment in Saint Germain, taste of escargot at the little restaurant downstairs, taking a stroll through the Luxembourg park or Tuileries, holding hands with my husband, watching yachts in St-Tropez, trying on Rondini sandals, or devouring those amazing eclairs at the L’ami du Pain cafe…

Our trip was so packed with experiences that I would have to break it down to a number of parts since it does not seem neither fair nor possible to jam it up together in one post.

When we planned our trip we’ve decided to rent an apartment in Saint Germain rather than get a room at the hotel. I found a nice little studio apartment on rue rue Grégoire de Tours. Here is a glimps on what it is like inside a Parisian apartment:

apartment window


living room
Living room/Bedroom

And of course a picture of Audrey Hepburn on the wall:)

view out of the window
The view

Apartments in France are very tiny, you cannot allow yourself to waste even an inch of space. I can see how one has to limit their wardrobe to suffice with a small closet space. Oh how I missed my huge walk-in closet back home!:)
The bathroom was so small, it allowed only one person at a time. As a friend of ours was telling us, in her apartment if she wanted some privicy she’d have to resort to a bathroom since it was the only place she could have a few moments alone.

But although tiny, the apartment was very cosy and had a lovely feel to it. The only real downside was an endless spiral staircase leading up the our third floor flat. My pregnancy was barely settling in, but I still found it quite difficult to get up there every night.

And this is us, enjoying a bottle of wine on our first night (although I only allowed myself a small sip due to my circumstances:)):

drinking wine

We found it was easy to get around, provided that nearest metro station was only short walk away.


One thing that stood out to me the most was how openly couples kissed on the streets and expressed their affection for one another. My husband and I quickly adjusted to the local lifestyle and soon we were kissing like we did at the very beginning of our marriage:)

Both of us regard that trip as our second honeymoon. “If this this is not honeymoon, I do not know what is” as my husband put it. And although I missed my little one back home, it was nice to spend time just the two of us and to remind ourselves what made us fall in love in the first place.

eiffel tower kiss
And Eiffel Tower was our mistletoe…


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