Nine West shoes

I love shoes. I love looking at shoes, trying them on, imagining what would I wear with a particular pair. So, naturally I have tried on and owned many different brands, expensive and not so much, but so far there is one that has never failed me – Nine West.

The other day passing through Macy’s on the way to the bank I was stopped by a sales associate who inquired about my Pashli purse. We chatted a while and she told me about the discount I can get if I donate to the March of Dimes. It was a clear win-win since I would donate to that charity in any case, and I could use a new pair of shoes.

So next stop was a shoe department and here are my top Nine West picks:



Unfortunately the Callen pair in yellow was sold out but I settled for a pair in light grey instead:

They look like they would go quite nicely with beige, grey, and taupe. In particular my taupe Pashli mini.

The one I didn’t get was Angelica booties in a lovely wine color. But I will be sure to get them later:)


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