It is amazing how everything in this world is interconnected and how most of the time we are completely clueless about those connections. Sometimes one can figure out why one or the other even took place when it did, but sometimes it takes a while.

So 4 years ago, when I was about to head to the hospital to give birth to my son, I had a DVD I was about to watch so I just threw it into the hospital bag to watch it when I get there. The movie was “Coco before Chanel” with Audrey Taotou. It was the first movie my son watched after he was born. I liked the movie so much, I was eager to watch another movie with Audrey Taotou and so I purchased “Priceless” as soon as I returned home. Priceless became one of my favorite movies and even my husband, who is not a fan of foreign film, watched it with me.

The DVD had some previews and one particular caught my eye – Transsiberian. I ordered it online intending to watch it as soon as I get it but got sidetracked and movie got lost somewhere upstairs, possibly in the storage room. And I have forgotten all about it.

About a year later my father-in-law mentioned something about Transsiberian, the railroad, not the movie, of course, while visiting us one evening. After that I got excited to finally watch the movie and started looking for it. Unfortunately without any luck. I found all the other movies but that particular one disappeared into the thin air.

So now, four years and one more son later, again, during the visit from the in-laws, I remembered about the movie and felt bad I never got to see it. I even thought of ordering it again. I was curious as to why I wanted to see the movie on the first place but could not remember where have I seen the preview. Later that day I was getting some toys for my newborn out of the storage room and saw a DVD stuck between the wall and one of the shelves. Surprisingly it was the Transsiberian! I put it aside, hoping to watch it with my husband later.

The next day I felt like watching Priceless again and in the previews I saw Transsiberian. I know it sounds silly, but I do believe there is a reason why it took me 4 years to get to watch the movie, I just can’t see it yet.