Mexican vacation – Riviera Maya, Cancun

Trip to Mexico was Alejandrito’s very first vacation abroad. 10 days of playing in the sun, tanning, dancing, drinking, swimming at the laguna, celebrating Christmas, meeting up with Mariula and her husband and daughter. Both Alejandrito and my husband loved Mexico, Alejandrito put on some weight and gotten a tan. Now my husband will not be opposed to Caribbean vacations ever again:)

We took a small bus trip to Playa del Carmen, checked out local architecture, enjoyed some local beer, bought a bottle of tequila after sampling at least 5 different ones at the tequila store.

Mariula took us to a very interesting place full of incredibly strong energy called El Meco – it seemed like at some point there all the outside influences just stop, time stops and feeling of peace covers you. What I found especially interesting that the place itself carries peace and good energy but the piramids of El Meco have a very heavy energy. The contrast fascinated me

For Shandor’s first vacation we will go to either Jamaica or go back to Mexico, this time directly to Cancun to visit another friend of mine.


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