Abercrombie boyfriend jeans

To be honest, I never likes the look of boyfriend jeans and considered them unflattering and unfeminine and had no desire to try this trend. Well, this year I suddenly had an urge to see what all the fuss was about and so I have ordered a pair from Abercrombie & Fitch. I have never known them to carry boyfriend style jeans, only skinnies and bootcut so I was intrigued.

They were sold out except for 1 pair in size 4 so that was what I got. They arrived sometime in January, right before out trip to St. Lucia. I was about 5 months pregnant at the time but still could wear the jeans and they actually were way too loose. But in spite of them not really being my size and being pregnant I could not possibly not feel how comfortable and amazing those jeans were! I have never owned a pair that felt better, not even those wonderful Goldsign jeans. I would highly recommend those jeans to anyone who wants quality well-made jeans that are flattering yet comfortable.

So I was determined to get the in size 2, hoping they would be a better fit. I know boyfriend jeans should fit rather loosely, but size 4 was positively sliding down and I was 5 months pregnant and I do have a tendency to widen significantly in the hip area during those times.

So I kept on the lookout for size 2 in a painted medium wash (the kind I’ve gotten previously) but without any luck. Once I saw a pair but they were sold out before I had the chance to put them in the shopping cart. So now they have a free shipping promo and I just spotted a pair in size 0. I was hesitant at first but then I came across a post in one of the blogs how someone of size 0 bought a pair of shots from Abercrombie in size 2 after reading the reviews saying that Abercrombies run small, and then she had to exchange them for size 0 because 2 was too large. Well, size 0 did not cut it either and she ended up buying size 00 that fit. So 2 sizes down worked. Well, I did not need more convincing and so I got them in size 0. So far, from my experience, Abercrombies run rather large, and I am curious if it will be confirmed when my new jeans arrive. If anything, they will serve as a motivation to get back in shape after delivering my precious baby:)


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