South America part 2 – Argentina, cont’d

La Boca
La Boca is a very colorful place that can be divided on two parts – bright colorful part for the tourists, with tango performances, little stores and art galleries:

Here you can buy incredible painting of tango dancers, postcards, souvenirs, take tango lessons, purchase very well made custom tango shoes, see flamboyant tango shows, take a picture near famous El Caminito, enjoy the beauty of local buildings, and even dance tango right there, on the street, even with one of the performers of your choice.

You cna buy and put on a t-shirt of the Boca soccer team and all the Boca fans will salut you with wistles and joyful screams:)

Second part of boca – the slums. Both exist side by side, just turn around the corner and you will end up in the midst of poverty. Here you can easily get robbed or even killed.

And of course I had to clim into one of the dirtiest corners of Boca and have a picture taken:)

Boca is the place where tango began. Not in a rich Palermo, but here, amongst poverty and those incredible, always upbeat, arrogant and flamboyant people I love and admire so much.


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