Abercrombie boyfriend jeans

To be honest, I never likes the look of boyfriend jeans and considered them unflattering and unfeminine and had no desire to try this trend. Well, this year I suddenly had an urge to see what all the fuss was about and so I have ordered a pair from Abercrombie & Fitch. I have never known them to carry boyfriend style jeans, only skinnies and bootcut so I was intrigued.

They were sold out except for 1 pair in size 4 so that was what I got. They arrived sometime in January, right before out trip to St. Lucia. I was about 5 months pregnant at the time but still could wear the jeans and they actually were way too loose. But in spite of them not really being my size and being pregnant I could not possibly not feel how comfortable and amazing those jeans were! I have never owned a pair that felt better, not even those wonderful Goldsign jeans. I would highly recommend those jeans to anyone who wants quality well-made jeans that are flattering yet comfortable.

So I was determined to get the in size 2, hoping they would be a better fit. I know boyfriend jeans should fit rather loosely, but size 4 was positively sliding down and I was 5 months pregnant and I do have a tendency to widen significantly in the hip area during those times.

So I kept on the lookout for size 2 in a painted medium wash (the kind I’ve gotten previously) but without any luck. Once I saw a pair but they were sold out before I had the chance to put them in the shopping cart. So now they have a free shipping promo and I just spotted a pair in size 0. I was hesitant at first but then I came across a post in one of the blogs how someone of size 0 bought a pair of shots from Abercrombie in size 2 after reading the reviews saying that Abercrombies run small, and then she had to exchange them for size 0 because 2 was too large. Well, size 0 did not cut it either and she ended up buying size 00 that fit. So 2 sizes down worked. Well, I did not need more convincing and so I got them in size 0. So far, from my experience, Abercrombies run rather large, and I am curious if it will be confirmed when my new jeans arrive. If anything, they will serve as a motivation to get back in shape after delivering my precious baby:)


My baby bump

As my precious baby is growing, it becomes progressively harder to find something to wear that fits. I can’t belive that very soon our little one will be here!

Law of Attraction

We all want things in life, but only some of us get them while others can only dream. At least that’s the impression most people get. “God loves you” people have told me “you wanted to get pregnant after your your trip to France and that’s exactly what happened. You always get what you want”. And it is true, I am a very lucky person, I always get what I want and what I need and at the right time. Things come to me. I wanted a different job within the same company and immediately after one person left for greener pastures and I was offered his position, I wanted to have a baby after my son turns 4, and here I am, expecting a little one right after my firstborn turns 4 next month. I wanted my husband to change career and to love what he does, and here he is – enjoying doing what he loves. These are just to name a few. Do I get those things because I deserve them? Possibly. But mostly because I always ASK. “Ask and you shall receive.” Sounds familiar? This statement is very true!

Before I ever watch a movie “The Secret” or read the book “The Law of Attraction”, myself, my husband (then boyfriend), and a couple of our friends made a list of all the things we wanted to get within the next year. We used plain old card boards to write them down. Then we all kept them in a visible place and looked at them every chance we got, when waking up and before going to bed. I got at least half of my wishes, my husband got almost al of his. Later we were introduced to movie “The Secret” and started advancing out list with pictures and images and calling them “inspirational boards”. It is also a good practice to write on the top of such board “From the infinite source, with harm to no one”, in order to ensure that by getting something you will not loose something else and that no one gets harmed in the process of you receiving what you want.

Basically, inspirational board is a list of things you desire illustrated with images to make your desires more vivid. You have to be very specific about what you want but without worrying or specifying HOW you want to get it. By writing out how-tos you only limit your possibilities. If you specify a source, then you are closing off all other sources and it might delay your wish coming true. For instance let’s say you want a new job. Then you must write out what exactly you want in a job – abundance of money, good health benefits, personal satisfaction, good work-life balance etc. But one should never specify where will the job come from, because the Universe works in mysterious ways and one never knows where and what will be coming from.

One example would be a lonely man wanting to meet a nice woman. He might specify that he would want to meet a kind, beautiful, smart and funny woman through work but there won’t be any available.

Our thoughts and words eventually materialize, and that’s why it is a good idea to always stay positive, upbeat and to keep one’s mind on the things one wants, not those one DOES NOT want.

If one keeps thinking about negative things that can happen, they are sure to happen in the nearest future, but if one thinks of things that are desirable, they are sure to appear as well.

Sometimes we are not getting what we want simply because we are afraid to get it. I am guilty of that one myself. At the end of last year almost all my desires written out on the board came true and so it is time to create a new board, filled with new wishes for the upcoming year. But somehow I keep stalling and procrastinating, not even bothering to make a list. Meanwhile there are things I want and need. Why am I not doing anything about it? I think the answer is that I am somehow afraid of getting what I want, afraid of change and moving forward even though I know I should. Interestingly most of us are, and at the end we are the only ones that keep us from having a better life. My goal for this month is to stop procrastinating and make a new list and allow all the good things to come onto my life.

South America part 3 – Argentina, Palermo

Cafe Tortoni
After La Boca we went out to eat at the famous and oldest cafee in Buenos Aires – cafe Tortoni. It is also one of the most beautiful, reminded me of the Opera Theater in Odessa, Ukraine,that has made a huge impression on me.

I still remember, more than 12 years later, the opera I was listening to, the heavy gold chandelier that looked like it was croched, while weighting not much less than the Titanic (exaggeration of course:)). I remember taste of caviar sandwiches during intermission and how stunned I was, drinking champagne mixed with my tears (I was crying for Iolanta and her ill fate).

I got a bit carried away here:) The impression the cafe has made on me was quite different from Odessa Opera Theater but nevertheless unforgettable.
I must mention that for the first time in 6 months I was sorry I quit smoking since Tortoni has an excellent smoking room.
For instance in the US the smokers have to either go outside or sit it a special area.

And here for that purpose they have a very cosy room with many tables, chairs and sofas draped in red velvet. Also, for your pleasure and entertainment, there are many magazines, books and such. Coffee can be requested to be brpought here and you can peacefully enjoy your cigarette or cigar while reading or conversing with your friends.

The husbands stayed with children on the main floor and Marcela and I went into the smoking room after asking the waiter to bring us our coffee there. The cigarette smoke was a bit overwhelming and irritating but in spite if that I was dying for a few puffs just to experience smoking in this smokers’ paradise:)

Besides beautiful decor, the food was also delicious, the toasted crustless cheese sandwiches were positively divine. All other food was no less amazing.

To my surprise the waiter who served us was a Russian guy from St. Petersburg named Dennis. He was actually a resident. I do not blame him, if I was to move, it would be to Buenos Aires.

Palermo and Jardin Japones

About Palermo I heard a lot from Roberto. He is a big fan. When he used to be a cab driver, his route always started in Palermo. Palermo is a quite wealthy part of Buenos Aires and very beautiful. Here is where the famous Recoletta cemetery (where Evita was buried) is located and no less famous Palermo Zoo and Jardin Japones (Japanese Garden).

We didn’t make it to the cemetery itself but stopped at the church, prayed, then went for a walk around the cemetery enjoying the view through the fence. Next time we will definitely try to get inside.

We left a trip to the zoo for another time and headed over to the Jardin Japones. Jardin Japones is a small Japanese-style park. Very nice but not easy to describe with words, so I am going to post lots of pictures.

South America part 2 – Argentina, cont’d

La Boca
La Boca is a very colorful place that can be divided on two parts – bright colorful part for the tourists, with tango performances, little stores and art galleries:

Here you can buy incredible painting of tango dancers, postcards, souvenirs, take tango lessons, purchase very well made custom tango shoes, see flamboyant tango shows, take a picture near famous El Caminito, enjoy the beauty of local buildings, and even dance tango right there, on the street, even with one of the performers of your choice.

You cna buy and put on a t-shirt of the Boca soccer team and all the Boca fans will salut you with wistles and joyful screams:)

Second part of boca – the slums. Both exist side by side, just turn around the corner and you will end up in the midst of poverty. Here you can easily get robbed or even killed.

And of course I had to clim into one of the dirtiest corners of Boca and have a picture taken:)

Boca is the place where tango began. Not in a rich Palermo, but here, amongst poverty and those incredible, always upbeat, arrogant and flamboyant people I love and admire so much.

South America part 1 – Argentina

The flight was excruciatingly painfully long, as much as the transition from freezing cold of North American winter to South American summer – in South America it is summer from December to February. And fall starts in March, even schools start not September 1st, like in the US, but on March 1st.

First thing I did after landing was ran to the ladies room to get out of my winter clothes and put on a pair of shorts and a linen shirt.

As I ran out of the bathroom, we grabbed our luggage and headed to search for Alberto. My husband went to a pay phone and I stayed guarding the suitcases. We had 3 suitcases plus a small carry-on. The large suitcase – mine, the small one – my husband’s, and third on my mother-in-law asked us to take to Paraguay to my brother-in-law, her oldest son.

Not one of Alberto’s numbers have been answered and I started to get nervous – I have been approached by at least 20 different men offering me different things, from a ride to my destination to marriage. Suddenly I hear someone shouting behind me “Na zdorov’e!” (That’s what Albert used to call me)

Albert came to pick us up with his brother and finally we were on our way to Villa Gessel – sort opf a beach resort where Bill Gates bought himself a summer home. Then we were headed to Buenos Aires, and at the end of the trip – to La Plata.

First stop we made was Matadero to drop off the money we brought for them from the US from their relatives, and afterwards we stopped by La Plata to drop off the luggage before heading to the beach.

By the side of the road, on the open air, some people were roasting the meat and the smell of smoke and delicious rpasted meat was overwhelming. We stopped twice to enjoy some entraƱa (a steak from the least expensive part of the cow but nevertheless mouthwatering) and get a drink, and second time to try choripan – choriso wrapped in bread.

After such a wonderful lunch I fell asleep on the back seat.

The beach impressed me with the quantity of open swim suites. My brasilian bikini did not look so offensive here as it did in the US. In the US it constantly starts arguments at the beach and by the pool by some matonly women who claims it is quite “inappropriate”. If you ask me the only inappropriate thing is to rudely interrupt someone’s rest with nasty comments about their beach attire. Can only imagine what those people would say if they saw such an abundance of half-naked bodies as Villa Gessel’s beach had to offer:)

To be honest, I feel much more comfortable among those who does not concern themselves with what will others think. Here everyone was relaxed and comfotable and didn’t care one bit about anyone’s opinion.

While in the US I heard that in Argentina you simply won’t see an overweight person at the beach but it is a myth. I saw people of all shapes and sizes all equally enjoying the beach and being comfortable in their own skin.

Also Argentina has probably the most delicious food in the world. Any food, starting from plain and simple butter and ending with salad leaves. Not to say anything about pastries and medialunas!

My favorite Argentinian pastries are medialunas – pastries shaped like the moon, churros – pastry sticks filled with dulce de leche, and tartas – sort of pies. A piece of dough gets covered with ham, cheese, vegetables etc., then it gets covered with another piece of dough and then gets baked. Very simple and very good.

The most favored pizza here is the one with palmito topping – pieces of marinated palm tree. To be honest I am not crazy about those salty bits and prefer olives.

My beloved empaƱadas here were so much more delicious then in the US, it seemed like I will never be able to consume the US ones. Even simple juice here was like ambrosia.

When Marcela and I went to Walmart in Buenos Aires, I discovered the soy drink my husband and I favored so much – Ades. In the US there is one store near us that carries apple and orange Ades. I often take half an hour trips just to pick up a few containers. The apple Ades tastes just like fresh squeezed apple juice my mom prepared for me when I was a kid.

Here, in Buenos Aires they carried much more varieties of Ades – peach, apricot, you name it. Marcela was looking at me like I’ve gone mad, watching me load up the cart with tons and tons of Ades. Finally she said “What’s wrong with you? This is just soy drink…”

I know it is, but my husband and I simply adore it.

Not only Marcela but also 7-year old Lucia and even 2-year-old Elena were looking at me like I have gone mad.

After spending Valentine’s Day and the rest of the weekend at the beach we went back to Buenos Aires. I had a very well defined plan of what I wanted to see – Recoletta and the zoo in Palermo, Jardin Japones, Cafe Tortoni – the oldest and most famous cafe in B.A>, San Telmo, La Boca – place where tango was born, Avenida Corrientes – the widest street, and many more other, no less appealing places.

We started out from visiting La Boca.