Hawaii part 2 – Maui

If in Oahu we stayed at a large hotel in the center of everything, in Maui we rented a pretty secluded bungalo somewhere in Lehaina. Since there was hardly anything in the walking distance, we rented the car at the airport upon arrival from Oahu. From the airport we drove to Lehaina, enjoying the breathtaking views:

Driving in Maui

The hotel consisted of small bungalows, and it seemed like no one was around, meanwhile I know that most rooms were sold out. We picked up a couple of brochures on local snorkeling and hiking and headed to the room.

Flowers near our hotel in Maui

More Maui flora

The room was filled with everything imaginable and unimaginable, anything one could need or want, including (to my delight) a whole library of books. I am quite found of books and an evening without a book is lost for me:)

On a hiking trip

I think by far the best part of our trip was the hiking tour. Surprise surprise, I am not a hiking fan and as I used to think, neither was my husband. Turns out I was very wrong about both of us!

In the waterfall

Kiss near the waterfall

Beautiful Maui

On the next day we got up early and drove down to our next venture – snorkeling with the turtles near Molokini reef. I should upload more photos of the snorkeling as soon as I locate them – we took over 400 photos on that trip. My husband also got an underwater camera and swears he took a picture of the shark while snorkeling. Good thing he only told me afterwards, otherwise it would have been the end of my snorkeling day:)

The only witness of our love in Maui…
It seems to me that I have not seen a single creature around our hotel except for that green lizard:)

Last kiss in Maui


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