Hawaii part 1 – Oahu

Hawaii is the most enchanting place on earth, in my opinion, and that is why we have chosen it as our honeymoon destination. With the help of a travel agent we have decided to visit at least two islands in Hawaii – Oahu and Maui. Maui because it is beautiful, secluded and romantic, and Oahu because there is a lot to do. I planned all our activities day by day: first Oahu – Hawaiian luau, sunset cruise, a trip to a local salsa club, and couples massage at the SPA, followed by Maui – snorkeling with the turtles and hiking tour.

Our first night there we just took a walk around and I still remember foundly the warm breeze on my skin, the smell of the ocean and exotic flowers, the happy faces of people surrounding us.
The very first thing we have discovered was that my husband forgot our camera at home or in the car and so we had to get a new one since I was not about to miss even a single day of pictures.

Me in our hotel room

The second day started at the beach followed by the sunset dinner cruise. For the cruise we were picked up at the hotel and taken to the marina. The cruise included lots of shows, amazing drinks, delicious dinner, and lots and lots of site seeing. Here are some photos from the beach and the cruise:

The beach in Oahu

me at the beach


More beach


More flowers

and beach again…

On a sunset cruise

The third day we spent at the luau, enjoying the shows, drinking mai tais and degustating the most amazing roasted pig. I also have gotten a henna tattoo of a butterfly on my back.

Cracking of the coconut at the luau


Sunset at the luau

Day 4 we spent at the beach, followed by SPA for some massage, some shopping and finally hitting the local salsa club after 10pm for some serious dancing.

The next day we took a 40 minute inter-island flight to Maui where we could enjoy some privacy and peace we craved after the intense couple of days in Oahu.

A couple of things I discovered in Hawaii for the first time – beautiful wraps which replaced most of my clothing while there and which I continued to wear at the beach after returning home, coconut shampoo, bamboo bracelets and of course mai tai!

Below is our favorite picture from the dinner cruise. My husband has a copy of it on his desk at work. On my right arm behold the aforementioned bamboo bracelets:)


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