Les filles en Rouje

Lately I have been quite taken with the new french brand – Rouje. I love the straight leg jeans, espadrilles and shirtdresses they make.

I have bought quite a few pieces from there. One of my favorite this past summer was Laura dress in red.

The website mentioned it runs large and suggests to size up but I feel it is pretty true to size. My normal size – 36, fits me much better than 34 that I originally purchased. While it still worked for me, it would get a little uncomfortable after so much as a glass of water, let alone having a meal.

This dress traveled with me to Dubai and Maldives and proved to wear well in extreme heat and be suitable for many occasions. Very well made and sturdy.

Here it is amongst the favorites I am taking on vacation.

I bought it in size 36 but as forced to return as I received a defective one, so I got myself a blue one. Have not had a chance to wear it yet but I am sure it will get a lot of wear next summer.

For the fall I wanted something with linger sleeves and this burgundy Gabin dress stole my heart.

It is quite comfortable amthough one must be careful when sitting down or riding a bike as the slit does go pretty high. Another downside, that was an easy fix with a dress clip, was the low neckline. Otherwise the dress is very flattering, well made and true to size – my regular 36 fit perfectly.

I am a big jeans fan and I was looking forward to wearing my new Sabina jeans, but, unfortunatelly, my usual size 36 was very small and I was unable to pull them past my hips. Will have to try 38 or even 40 since those run so small…

And last but not least, the Saskia espadrilles. Got my regular size 39 in black and how I wish I got the pair in camel while I still had a chance!
The most comfortable shoes I have worn in a while, very effortless and elegant while still being casual. I barely took them off all summer, worn them on the plane, on the boat, in the desert, and on the beach. Hope Rouje brings them back next year.

Here they are in Dubai sands

And here they are on the beach in Maldives

What to do in Dubai

If I were to visit Dubai again, I would have planned some things differently. Our first two days in Dubai we spent frantically running from one activity to the next, not fully aware of what we really want. So it is our third day in Dubai and now we are finally in track and I’d like to share some experiences and recommendations.

First day should start with a city tour. We did an evening tour with Book Dubai Tour for about $110 USD (plus tip for the driver) which suited our needs perfectly. The tour gave us a quick overview of the city and we got to see places we would never have seen on our own.

From there, one can easily figure out what site one wants to explore in depth. For us it was Burj Kalifa, Madinat Jumeirah, and Palm Island. Ironically, we already went to Burj Kalifa and went up top. We went during daylight so we missed out on the fountains, which was fulfilled during city tour. We also went to Madinat Jumeirah to the Madinat theater and the Gold souk. Now we definitely have to come back there again.

The second day I’d go to Abu Dhabi for an all day tour, to see the Sheikh Zayed Mosque and do some sightseeing around the city. During the tour we were left at the Ferrari World Center for an hour, which would have been a complete waste of time, have we not found and amazing restaurant Al Fanar, serving Emirati cuisine. I especially recommend Samak Tanoor which is served with a large plate of basmati rice, as well as arabic coffee.

Day 3 I’d spend in the desert, doing some sand dune bashing, riding camels and enjoying some barbeque at the beduin camp setting. Sand bashing was by al’ means the highlight of our trip. Wear comfortable clothing, suitable for camel rides and sitting on the floor. Oh, and they do serve alcohol at the camp!

The rest of the days
I would dedicate to in depth exploration of the sights favorited during Dibai city tour and in the evening exploring some dining options.

I highly recommend not eating around the hotels in JBR, as the food was mediocre, overpriced and the atmosphere was lacking. The only two places I liked were Lebanese restaurant (name starts with J) off Al Mamsha road and Emirati restaurant Seven Sands. I became quite a fan of Emirati cuisine during our stay:)

There is also an amazing restaurant I want to point out – Local House restaurant in the Old Dubai, right next to the Dubai Coffee museum and in the proximity to Meena market and an abundance of the local shops. They serve a variety of burgers: camel, buffalo, ostrich… you name it. As well as amazing milk shakes made with camel milk. The burgers are around 50-60 dirhms and the shakes 30-35, based on what milk they are made with.

After dinner we had a cup of coffee at the Dubai Coffee museum, which was truly amazing. It is a must see place if you are a fan of coffee.

Maldives day 2

Today we were celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary. I doubt we could ever top this celebration as we celebrated the whole day.

After breakfast we took a walk around the island.

On the way I found the same type of tree I saw in Hawaii

Later we stopped by the drivibg range to hit some golf balls. Jose Orlando turn out to be very good!

Then we went to the beach and spent a few hours swimming and just laying around in the sun. The sun in Maldives is not as harsh as it is back home or any other resort we’ve been to, which makes it easy to loose track if time. The water was amazing! One thing to watch out for is string currents.

After the beach we had lunch, took a short nap, had some coffee at the local tea house and headed for the sunset cruise and dolphin watching.

Normally there are not too many people around, especially in our part of the island. You can go for hours without seeing as many as 3-4 people. On the pictures the island appears uninhabited. Someone even asked me after seeing the pictures on the instagram “Are you guys alone there?”

But for the sunset cruise there were at least 50 people gathered at the pier, if not more.

Three boat came to get us and we ended up on a small one with about 12 other people. They say if you are lucky, you might even see a dolphin or two. I guess we were super lucky as we saw at least 15. It was a wonderful cruise overall, although few times the boat was shaken so badly, I was afraid to fall overboard.

At night we headed for the Hot Rock restaurant a la carte restaurant, for our annversary dinner. We selected some delicious beef sirloin, kanguroo and ostrich meat. The meat was served raw, on a hot metal plate and we were free to let it cook as long as we want. We chose rare – only one minute.

The sirloin was very good and we both loved kanguroo meat – our firsttime trying it. The ostrich was not as good but still, not too bad.

Then desert at a different restaurant and we headed back to the room where we found fresh fruit and champagne left for us by the hotel. “Happy wedding anniversary” was spelled out on our bed in palm tree leaves.

Maldives day 1

The flight was really long, about 17 hours in total plane time with layover in Dubai. The layover was supposed to be 2 hours, which we were planning to spend degustating local foods in the lounge, but since our flight was considerably late, we spend about 20 munutes, running through Dubai airport, accompanied by a stewardess and 3 other guests. Luckily we made it on time. The flight to Male was short and pleasant since we got plenty of leg room.

Upon arrival we picked up our only suitcase and headed outside where we were greeted by our hotel representative and taken to the boat.

The boat ride was about 40 minutes and was beautiful – surrounded by clear waters, sun and wind.

Once we arrived and checked in, we were driven to the far side of the resort, to where they had the over the water jacuzzi villas. It was nearly 6pm and it was not hot at all and the winds were pretty strong, walking on the wooden deck I had to take care not to fall overboard, to keep company to the variety of fishes, swimming back and forth under, feeding on some water bugs.

Our room was nearly at the very end of the deck – next to last villa in the lineup.

After dinner we headed straight to the room to rest up and were settling in to get to bed when I got a great idea – to put on my bathing suit and take a dip in the night waters.

The stairs from our jacuzzi room led straight into the waters beneath the villa.

One gotta take care as the very bottom of the steps is quite slippery. I was hesitant to swim far from the steps but the water was marvelous – felt like slightly warm milk. It also did not feel like an ordinary ocean water that leaves your skin a bit sticky, it felt on my skin no different than a tap water would.

The fish was swimming back and forth and we even saw a few large turtles and a small grey shark.

The perfect military shirt

I have been in search of a military shirt for a while and could never find the right fit, color, length and fabric. At least one was always wrong. H&M shirts lacked quality, BAnana Republic one looked great on a hanger but balooned out in the back once worn, and the fabric was a bit stiff. Some high end ones, including the “le militaire” by Frame denim, were more on a khaki side instead of military green I was looking for. Some were mor forest green and too soft. Finally a winner – not toosoft, not too stiff, just the right shade of military green, perfect fit (I sized up, getting medium instead of my usual small in Paige shirts), perfect length for either tucking in or letting out.

One marl knit midi skirt three different ways

One marl knit midi skirt three different ways

Maje red sweater
$130 – harrods.com

WithChic v neck sweater
$21 – withchic.com

Maje red skirt
$125 – harrods.com

Topshop heeled boots
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Beret hat

Striped dress three ways

Striped dress three ways

J Crew sexy white dress
$130 – jcrew.com

Adidas Originals leather shoes
$110 – mytheresa.com

Leather shoes

Borsalino straw hat
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Chan Luu scarve
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Beret hat